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Bohemian crystal is a national treasure of the Czech Republic

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The first stage of production is melting the raw material and blowing the product.

It is flawlessly transparent and of unrivaled quality. The tradition of glassmaking in the Czech Republic has never been interrupted, which gave it the right to set the tone in the art of glass processing around the world. Source: aleks-crystal.com.

As in antiquity, today Czech crystal is cut with diamond tools, a play of light is created with the addition of lead, copper, manganese, iron, and is decorated with silver, gold, and precious stones.

Bohemian crystal: secrets of authenticity

Crystal from the Czech Republic should be transparent, without bubbles, scratches, streaks and other defects. A rainbow glow should emanate from it. If you see only a monotonous shine, this is a glass product.

Real crystal “sings” wonderfully. Rub the crystal suspension with a wet finger or lightly tap on it with a hard object - and it will give you a melodic long ringing. The glass will emit only a dry clink.

Hold the crystal element in your hand: real crystal stays cool for a very long time, while glass heats up quickly.

Never buy crystal products from markets or stores with a dubious reputation. Better to do business with brand showrooms and shops where qualified sellers guarantee you the quality of the goods.

Bohemian crystal is not just an exquisite interior decoration and a sign of good taste. Buying glasses is an investment in a beautiful item that has centuries of tradition.

Glass craft is one of the oldest and most respected crafts in Europe. Of course, all European states had their own masters and workshops, but Bohemia and Venice were most famous for this art. Murano glass (named after the place of production - the island of Murano) is distinguished by its elegance, transparency and variety of color effects.

All these are the traditions of the Venetian masters in glass-blowing craft. But already in the XIII century in Bohemia (historical region of the Czech Republic) worthy analogues of the Italian glass of local production appeared. Today, Bohemian crystal and glass are prized for their extraordinary transparency.

But the technology capable of imparting this quality to products was first discovered by a master who lived and worked in Bohemia.


Production stage:

Even today, in the age of scientific and technological progress, Bohemian crystal is considered a luxury and an indicator of the special taste of the owner. But why is this brand so prized? The times when craftsmen were forbidden to tell even their relatives any facts related to production are over. Today, many factories in Bohemia conduct excursions for tourists, and we will try to understand how the legendary crystal and glass are made.

The first stage of production is melting the raw material and blowing the product. Next, the resulting workpiece is placed in a wet wooden mold. The third stage - one of the most exciting - is grinding and cutting on glass. It is important to understand all the subtleties of the work: the time during which the material can be processed is too short. Usually, when working, the wizard uses a previously prepared sketch.

The next step is to create reliefs and apply gilding. And last but not least, the finished product is polished. Bohemian crystal is prized not only for its beauty, but also for its quality. All products are tested and in the presence of the slightest defect they are sent not to stores, but for processing. It should be noted that today glass and crystal in Bohemia are made by hand and on special automated lines in stamping technology.

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